How to share my printer in Windows 10?

Connecting a network printer provides many advantages for any home or office. One of the most important is that allows different people to access the device simultaneously and regardless of their location, since we can issue orders remotely from the mobile phone.

This greatly facilitates the work and prevents us from having to move the devices around. If you are interested in this topic, you should not miss our entry today, since we are going to see step by step how to share a printer with Windows 10 . We will also know the main problems that may appear and the best way to solve them.

How to connect the printer on the network

Before we begin, we must be sure that the printer is connected to the network. Either through an Ethernet cable or via wireless Wi-Fi . Each model and brand has different specifications, so you must follow the instructions in the user manual.

But as a general rule, it is as simple as to turn off the router, connect the printer’s network cable to the router, and turn it on again . What if it is wireless? Just select Wireless LAN connection on PC and. Then turn on the printer and the device should automatically detect itself. It will also ask you to enter your Wifi password.

Install a printer with Windows 10

Windows 10 allows us to share the printer with a multitude of devices on the network. The only requirements are that all of them are in turn connected to the same PC and the sharing mode is activated in the configuration . And how is this done? Well, in two different ways that we are going to see below.

Printer installation from Configuration

First, click on Start and go to Settings, Devices and finally Printers and scanners. If you have successfully completed the previous step, your printer will have to appear among the different options. Choose the device you want to pair and go to Printer Properties. Finally, select Share and Share this printer .

Set up Windows 10 printer from the Control Panel

Go to Start and in the search bar type control panel. Select the icon that appears and go to the Hardware and sound tab and See devices and printers. Now you have to right-click the printer you want to share . A window will open, choose Printer Properties, Sharing, and Share this printer.

Problems connecting the printer to the PC?


If you have problems installing the printer in Windows 10, the first thing you should check is that the drivers for this device are updated . Especially if the printer is already a few years old, otherwise it may not recognize it. You can download them without problems on the manufacturer’s website, and they also include new features to easily install Wi-Fi printers or solve incidents with ports.

Solving printing problems

The next step is to use the printing troubleshooting software that comes standard on Windows 10 . Do not confuse it with the normal troubleshooter, as this is much more effective. To activate this option, go to Settings, Devices and go to Printers and scanners. Finally, choose Manage and s and a pop-up window will open that will automatically scan computers to discover any problems.

How to share my printer in Windows 10?

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