Amazfit T-Rex

Amazfit T-Rex is one of the new sports watches from Huami, a Chinese company specialized in wearables. Very resistant design and excellent autonomy are two of its characteristics. I’ll explain everything in this review


The product arrives in a paper box. Inside we find the sportwatch, with its strap already applied, an illustrative booklet and a magnetic charger with two pins and USB connector.

Materials and design

Amazfit T-Rex is made entirely of plastic, a choice due to ensuring high resistance. The materials are still of quality, in fact I happened to slam it by mistake somewhere and not even a scratch was made.

The strap is definitely not the best I have tried, for its rubberiness. But it still satisfied me because it holds the product well on the wrist and does not sweat. The design is aggressive, reflecting the high resistance of T-Rex.

Certainly not for everyone, but I don’t mind. Huami has tested the resistance from water, humidity and heat with the passing of 12 military grade certifications. the company declares that it can withstand up to 70 degrees of temperature, down to -40 degrees.

Furthermore, there is no lack of exceeding 240 hours in humid conditions or 96 hours with splashes of salt water. We also find resistance to dives up to 5 ATM. From my tests it passed my frequent washes with soap and water.


On the front side we find a 1.3 ″ AMOLED display with 360 x 360 pixel resolution. On the right side there are two buttons, the upper one can be customized between different functions, while the lower one can turn the display on or off.

On the left side of the case there are two other buttons, useful for scrolling through the menus without using the touch-screen, especially in wet conditions. Finally on the back we find the two pins for charging and the sensor for detecting the heart beat.

Technical sheet

  • Display : 1.3 ″ 360 x 360 touchscreen AMOLED;
  • Sensors : SensorsBioTrackerTM PPG Bio-Tracking optical sensor, three-speed acceleration axes, geomagnetic sensor and ambient light sensor;
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth 5.0, GPS and Glonass;
  • Resistance immersion ] up to 5 ATM
  • 12 military tests passed for heat, cold and humidity;
  • Operating system : Amazfit OS;
  • Dimensions : 47.7 X 47.7 X 13.5 mm;
  • Weight : 58 grams;
  • Battery : 390 mAh


We find a 1.3 ″ AMOLED with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. The protection offered by Glass 3 gorilla glass seemed very good to me. The touchscreen has always proven to be accurate.

This display convinced me, beautiful colors and clearly visible in the sunlight. We find the always on mode but you can only choose between two watch faces, one analog and one digital.


T-Rex allows you to monitor outdoor running, walking, outdoor cycling, swimming in the pool, swimming in open waters, treadmills, indoor cycling, elliptical, exercise, climbing, trail running, skiing and trekking all ‘open.

When starting a business the GPS is very quick to connect, even when you enter a building on reconnection it is very fast. During each session, steps, duration, distance, altitude, heart rate, floors up and down and calories are displayed.

The steps taken are very precise with scores similar to a Garmin Vivoactive that costs twice as much. The detection of the km traveled is also very good. The heart rate measurement is correct, and comparable to that found on other devices tested by me.

We also find the measurement of sleep, with a distinction between light and deep and waking time. Finally the PAI is a parameter that indicates whether you are performing enough physical activity. There are various levels to be reached, in order to encourage the user.


Huami has equipped T-Rex with Amazfit OS, an operating system with few functions but intuitive and well cared for. We find about thirty watch faces, both analog and digital.

With a swipe from top to bottom, a menu opens with some quick toggles such as do not disturb and brightness. There are also all the widgets on the data detected such as steps and heart rate.

With a swipe from the right opens the list of applications. Inside we find, besides the sport modes and the related summaries, also weather, music, alarm clock, reminder, timer, countdown timer, find my phone and compass.

In the settings menu you can change the watchfaces, adjust the display on time and choose the quick start app with the button on the right. While notifications have a dedicated area on the left. Keep in mind that Amazfit support third party firmware and apps to offer better customization.


We find support for notifications of all applications, which you can select or deselect at your convenience. The contents are clearly legible, but they could have been larger by reducing the too large app icon.

Unfortunately you cannot reply to messages, nor can you select them as read. Only one notification can be canceled with a swipe. Not all app icons are present, so sometimes a generic one appears.

When multiple notifications arrive from a certain app, it is shown that there are tot notifications. But if you press it opens the list of received messages, and you can read them one at a time.


As with all wearables, autonomy varies according to the settings chosen by the user, as well as the type of use. Huami has inserted a 390 mAh battery.

My use is composed of many notifications and some physical activity. Using the always on display I got three or four, I stretch the product on my wrist at night for sleep monitoring.

While without always on display, but with the rotation of the wrist, I reached thirteen days, keeping it on my wrist at night.

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