Amazon Kindle 2019

Amazon has updated its most affordable Kindle reading device in 2019, incorporating adjustable bright front light. This will allow users to read their favorite eBooks in many other places and situations.

Also with the latest generation electronic ink technology, which will allow them to obtain more contrasted texts that facilitate better readings, to which is added the capacitive touches to prevent accidental slips on the screen of 6″.

In addition, an updated design is added, light and thin, which will reach the market in black or white options, as well as the incorporation of new functions, which will come over the next few months to both the new Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite Gen 6 and more recent devices through an update.

The first of the new features is to automatically mark as read any book that has been completed, both in the device’s own library and other synchronized reading devices, including the Kindle, Fire Tablet and free Kindle applications for Android and iOS.

And the second feature allows more personalized recommendations based on reading history, including new titles and those that are trend in both Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Store.

Amazon Kindle 2019 is now available for pre-order, whose official launch will be on April 10, at a cost of nearly $90, and with it will also come three months free subscription to Kindle Unlimited, valued at $30.

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