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Apple's virtual download store, the App Store.

The company led by Tim Cook has confirmed that a group of hackers have managed to infect with hidden viruses, some forty applications in its online store of downloads App Store.

This information has been disclosed by the agency Reuters this past Sunday, and It is the biggest attack in history on the apple brand. Are 39 applications apps created with a infected software, which has been called XcodeGhost. The security flaw was discovered by affecting iOS users only in the version of WeChat 6.2.5. Also other applications such as Angry Birds, WeChato Didi kuadi (a Chinese application similar to Uber) could be infected. Other services such as banking, mobile telephony or cartography would also have affected apps.

Apple is making efforts to clean up its download store and claimed last Sunday that it is cleaning its website to remove this very harmful software. Its about first large-scale attack of this magnitude to the Californian company. Keep in mind that the WeChat attack is on an App with about 400 million users.

The Wechat security bug was “recently discovered” affecting iOS users only on the WeChat version 6.2.5«, published the official blog of Tencent’s messaging service. The web portal confirmed that the error has been fixed and that users must install or upgrade to WeChat version 6.2.6 or higher, is now available in the Apple Store, to avoid greater evils. In addition, they are working to prevent any theft of information and that the application “has been updated immediately” to solve the matter. Tencent created WeChat in 2011 and in just four years it has become the direct competition of WhatsApp in Asian countries, within the scope of instant messaging.

Another of the affected apps, Didi Kuaidi, informed the media that no user data has been revealed and that the application was updated like WeChat to fix the matter.

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