Aukey powerbank with 8000 mAh wireless charging

Aukey PB-Y25 is an 8000 Mah powerbank with wireless charging. I’ll tell you about it in today’s review

Aukey powerbank pack

In the classic recycled carat package we find the powerbank, a warranty card, a USB to micro USB cable and an illustrative booklet.

Materials and components

On the design it cannot be defined original, because it is the classic of all Aukey powerbanks of this format. While the build quality is valid, with its good quality plastic. The dimensions are 14.7 x 7.5 x 1.4 cm and the weight is 136 grams. So as a measure it is quite compact, but not very light.

On one long side we find four RGB LEDs and a power button, and switch to wireless charging mode. On the other there is a micro USB port. On a short side there are two standard USB port and one type C. The ports that act as an output. While the others are only entrances. The upper part contains a coil for quick charging.

How does it work?

During the whole test period it proved to be a reliable product that never heats up. Charging is fast and takes place by 1% every minute. Same thing for wireless charging. Only you have to press the button to start it. While with wired charging, simply connect a cable. Of the 8000 mAh declared by Aukey, about 5000 are effective.


Aukey PB-Y25 is available for purchase on Amazon for around 28 Euros. I liked the product very much because it is solid and reliable. Then wireless charging is a feature that should not be underestimated for its price range. I thank Aukey for this complimentary product.

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