Aukey Scarab RGB gaming mouse review

In recent months I have tried Aukey GM-F3 Scarab for you, a new gaming mouse that convinced me. I’ll explain why in this review


The product arrives in a beautiful blue box with the Aukey logo. Inside we find the usual equipment, namely the mouse, an adhesive card for the guarantee and an illustrative booklet.


It is an entirely plastic mouse. It seemed very light to me, it weighs only 75 grams. A well-built product, which showed no signs of slowing down. The buttons and wheel have a slight click but work well. The cable is very solid, covered with nylon, and with an aluminum USB connector. We find various RGB LEDs under the wheel, on the Aukey only and on the body. There are various color combinations and different light effects. I like the overall design, also thanks to the lights.


Above the mouse there are two buttons, a wheel and a button to adjust the LEDs and the DPI. On the left side there are two keys that can be used to scroll through the pages. Finally on the back we find an optical sensor.

How does it work?

The characteristics of this mouse see: 7200 DPI optical sensor, 1000Hz polling rate and maximum acceleration of 22.5G. From my tests it is comfortable to hold and does not create any kind of nuisance. Compared to previous models, I found it much more cut. In fact, finding the settings I found myself well. I was able to surf the web and edit videos easily.


From the official website you can download the application dedicated to this Aukey Scarab. The DPI, sensitivity and color patterns of the RGB LEDs can be adjusted. Very convenient to be able to save a set of settings in a savable profile, so you can restore it when you change your PC.


Aukey Scarab on Amazon is available for 19.99 Euros. A very mature product, compared to previous models. In fact it is very precise and comfortable. Then there is an aesthetic touch with those beautiful RGB LEDs. I thank Aukey for this free sample. Let me know in the comments what you think!

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