Best kitchen robots

Kitchen robots are devices specially designed to make us the easier life . They are able to cut, chop and knead food, so you can make the most delicious desserts without any effort. And they can also fry, cook or roast, so you do not need anything else to prepare your recipes favorites.

Do you want to cook like a chef but don’t have time? Well then you should not miss our entry today, since we are going to talk about the best kitchen robots you can find in 2020 . Have you put on the apron? Well get ready we start!

The most recommended kitchen robots

If you do not know which food processor to buy, then we will see the most popular models today.

Silvercrest food processor

One of the most recommended kitchen robots by users is the model Monsieur Cuisine Connect by Silvercrest. It is sold exclusively in Lidl supermarkets and has become a bestseller in recent years. It is a multifunction system for steaming food, emulsifying sauces, whisking, kneading, grinding and cooking in a thousand different ways.

It has a mixer with 800 W of power, as well as a weight of up to 5 kilos, 10 speeds and an LCD screen so you can comfortably control the device . In addition, it includes a cookbook with 200 very easy to make recipes that will add a touch of class to your table.

Taurus food processor

We continue with the kitchen robot Taurus Mycook Touch, which is one of the most reliable and economic alternatives to buy a Thermomix. It has a Wi-Fi connection to access an online recipe book with thousands of options that are regularly updated. A 7-inch touch screen and detailed instructions for you to make the most succulent dishes using a single finger.

It stands out for its ease of use, it has capacity for 4 diners and it can cook with 12 different modes and 10 speeds . The perfect choice if you like to eat healthy but don’t have much idea of ​​cooking. Since you only have to follow the instructions step by step to achieve professional results.

Kenwood food processor

The kitchen robot Kenwood kCook Multi Smart is a robustly designed appliance that stands out for its versatility . It allows us to process and cook food at the same time. And it has an Internet connection to give orders from the mobile phone, something very useful if we have to do other tasks at home.

It has a power of 1,500 W, 12 speeds and different predefined programs so you can start using it from the first minute. It provides guided recipes, making it perfect for users who don’t handle very well between aprons. And also for the most seasoned cooks, since we can choose a manual way to control the times and temperatures of our recipes.

Chef 2000

And finally, let’s take a look at the Chef 2000, one of the best-selling kitchen robots of the last decade. It has an exclusive intelligent cooking system that adapts to the amount of ingredients, so that the food will not be left raw or past. And it has a removable bucket with a large capacity and very easy to clean, so you don’t waste time.

Also stands out for its advanced programming which allows us to grill, fry, cook, steam, bain-marie or simulate the environment of a pressure cooker. It is perfectly suited for users with visual problems, since includes a keyboard with braille buttons . And it is even able to continue working when there is a blackout.

Thermomix or other food processor?

Thermomix is ​​the most expensive and exclusive kitchen robot that exists today . Equivalent to what an iPhone would be in the mobile world? It goes one step further, since is not sold in stores and if you want to buy it first you will have to attend a demonstration . Worth? For some people yes. But of course there are users who are not willing to waste their time in this way.

Best kitchen robots

Our advice is to analyze your priorities and budget. In this sense, if you are going to use the kitchen robot occasionally, it is best to choose an economic model instead of a Thermomix, which can exceed 1,200 euros. Most of these devices are around 500 euros. And there are very affordable alternatives like the Silvercrest Kitchen Robot that costs 359 euros.

Another key aspect is the power. The best brands have 1,500 or more watts and are capable of grinding and processing any type of food. However, for home use, it would suffice for the food processor to reach 600 W . We cannot forget either the capacity, whose ratio is in a ration for every 0.5 liters. Take this into account depending on the number of people that make up your family or the guests that you usually invite.

And so far our entry today, where we have seen what kitchen robot to buy and the most recommended models that exist in the market . What do you think of these appliances? Do you think they are the perfect solution for newbies or people who do not have much time? Too expensive for what they offer? We’d love to read your feedback on food robots in the comments. Until another!

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