Best Wireless Gaming Headset

If you have just € 100 and want a wireless gaming headset, your options are quite limited. But there are three gaming helmets that will allow you to play without any problem.

After having tried all the helmets that we recommend here, we have made this top.

HyperX Cloud Flight

Plus Points: + Versatile Design + Balanced Sound without Software + Removable Microphone + Excellent Battery Life Minus Points: – No Audio or Bluetooth Jack – Upgradeable Microphone

The HyperX are the most complete helmets. They have a comfortable, versatile design and a neutral sound. They are compatible with PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and any other device that you can connect via Jack. They do not win in any specific section, but in general, they are the best for the majority of users.


Positive points: + Very comfortable; + Premium construction; + Excellent microphone; + Decent sound.

Negative points: – Soundproofing – Non-removable microphone

The most comfortable helmets on our list, and the main choice for all those who will not leave home. Its microphone is not removable and its soundproofing is not the best either; But if you work from home or play for long hours in a row, these Corsair are great thanks to the low pressure of their headband and mesh pads. Its microphone is also the best of the three, although you’ll have to control the gain.

Razer Nari Essential

Positive points: + Very comfortable; + Premium construction; + Good microphone; + Decent sound.

Negative points: – Non-removable microphone – Somewhat low pronounced

The Razer Nari Essentials stand out only for their sound, which improves considerably with Synapse. They are giant helmets, with a non-removable microphone and a fairly low range. However, they are comfortable and their pressure on the ears together with their rather thick pads will be liked by many users.

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