BlackBerry KEY2 Red Edition

Blackberry Key2 Red Edition

At the recent MWC in Barcelona has been presented one of the new models of Blackberry, the BlackBerry Key2. In this article we will review its main features.


This is a version with a color inspired by Ferrari, adding the bright red color to the previous options. It has an intense red aluminum frame, and reaches 128GB, doubling the space of previous versions while maintaining a price of just over 700 euros.

This edition is an evolution of the BlackBerry KEY2 LE atomic red, but in the Red Edition KEY2, the red is brighter and bolder, highlighting much more in the metallic frame due to the amount of coverage that is covered…


BlackBerry will include the exclusive red matching headphones as well as the new dedicated Red Edition package.

It is not a mobile for any type of user, as the physical keyboard does not have many fans, but lovers of BlackBerry may already dream of the new Ferrari style.

Feature Highlights

Except if you need to change the keyboard language quite frequently, the BlackBerry Key2 can be a great choice if you type a lot using your mobile.

You also need to know how to do without the big screens. As for the image, the photo quality of Key2 is more than enough for the average user.

The privacy features are noticeable, which focuses this device to its usual brand market, companies. Perhaps its price is still too high to think of a change for non-corporate users.


BlackBerry KEY2 Red Edition will be available in select markets in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

It is available for pre-order immediately in Europe with shipments starting March 8 and will soon reach other regions.

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