Bose TV Speaker

This home theater system offers a small footprint solution and boosts dialogue and bass.

Bose TV Speaker has Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity that offers a range of up to 9 meters to listen to any content from multiple points. Synchronize by pressing the button indicated on the remote control and pair a compatible device, which means you can enjoy playing music and podcasts wirelessly without complications.

Maximum clarity

It offers a surprisingly rich sound for a speaker of its size, but you can press the Bass button on the remote to go further and get deeper bass.

On the other hand, its “Dialogue” button makes the speaker analyze what is being displayed to further enhance the voices, so that you can better hear and understand each word, achieving greater clarity in both dialogues and conversations, optimizing the audio compensation of Blu-Ray movies.

Bose TV Speaker

And its design allows you to start using it from minute one, since it is possible to enjoy it simply by connecting it to the TV using an optical audio cable (included as standard) or an HDMI cable (purchased separately but is recommended). Thanks to HDMI-CEC technology, the remote control of the television itself can be used to control the volume of Bose TV Speaker .

It is also possible to expand the system by adding a wired subwoofer branded (compatible with Bose Bass Module 500 or 700 models). With them, you get even more powerful and thunderous bass, typical of a movie theater.

Bose TV Speaker

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