Catalyst Case iPad 9.7

In recent months I have tested two of the best covers for Catalyst Ipad 9.7. I’ll tell you about it in this review

Catalyst Impact Protection iPad 9.7

It is a plastic cover, rigid and very solid. It is characterized by the protection of the back, ideal for those looking for only the back cover. It remains easy to insert and remove.

I like transparency because it doesn’t hide the iPad design. The tablet remains light and handy. I found support for the Apple Pencil convenient. All connectors and buttons are easily accessible and usable. Catalyst Impact is available on the official website at around 66 Euros and is compatible with iPad 9.7 5th and 6th generation models.

Catalyst Case iPad 9.7

This is a cover that offers 360-degree protection and is designed for use on the beach and in the swimming pool. In fact, thanks to its seals, it becomes iP68. We find both a protection of the back, but also of the display.

It is not exactly intuitive to adhere perfectly, but it is important to adhere perfectly to avoid losing the waterproofness. However, the tablet remains light enough. The 3.5mm jack and lightning port are covered with a cap. while the other keys are accessible.

I appreciated that the Touch ID remains functional. This cover is compatible with the 9.7-inch iPads, model 2017 and 2018. The price on the official website is available at about 143 Euros, not a little but I consider it one of the best covers of this type.

I thank Catalyst for providing me with these two complimentary products.

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