Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Corsair stands out for developing totally innovative devices and the best keyboards on the market. Let’s see Corsair K95 RGB Platinum, its latest keyboard, which is characterized by being a renewed model, with Cherry MX RGB Speed ​​switches and with a very sophisticated design and lighting.

Corsair K95 Vs K70

The Corsair K95 and K70 are the 2 new keyboards of this brand, which both have Cherry MX RGB switches. These mechanical switches allow the backlight system of 16.8 million colors individually, that is, you can select the color for each key according to your preference.

The differences between them are the following:

Corsair Gaming K95 RGB

In this device the Cherry MX RGB pulsations, are elegantly seen in the aluminum chassis. With the anti-ghosting function, you can also program up to 108 macros and have the addition of G-Keys.

Corsair Gaming K70 RGB

In this equipment, although it uses the same switches as the K95, it differs in the variants of Red, Blue and Brow. Its design is compact and does not have the G-Keys keys that if it has the K95, in terms of its other features are similar to the K95 model, as in the possibility of changing the conventional keys for two sets. The first Set the WASD keys for FPS games and the second Set for the MOBA games.

Keyboard configuration

The configuration of the keyboard software is the CUE system that stands out for its simplicity and the varied configuration possibilities. The basic installation is very simple, just follow the automatic steps of the system, however for advanced settings you can customize each of the keyboard functions, such as polling frequency and brightness.

In the main menu you will find 4 options that are:

  • Actions: In the Actions section, there you can configure the macros by selecting an action so that you can then access it directly from the keyboard.
  • Lighting effects: This option allows you to configure 11 different lighting modes in 19 independent zones of the entire keyboard.
  • Performance: Here you can perform various functions such as disabling key functions, for example, Windows.
  • Save profile on device: Once you have made all the settings you can save all these changes in the 8 GB that accounts for internal memory of the keyboard.

Audio Viewer

The Corsair K95 has an innovative feature of intense multicolor LED lighting that changes the color by turning the length and width of all the keys. This effect is called rainbow spiral effect. The audio effect makes the light more powerful and better distributed, improving the generated effect.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is one of the best keyboard on the market, since it is one of the most complete and innovative. Apart from all the indicated functions, it allows you to save all the excess USB cables in its previous area.

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