Dinbeat Pro

Dinbeat Pro is a harness with biosensors that monitors the health of dogs professionally and in real time, although its use will be primarily indicated for veterinarians, not for owners.

The objective is to optimize time and resources, since this way, without cables, we will be able to know the state of health of the dog, to register its history and to configure personalized alerts.

In addition to an app with which you can see the data in real time, have a cloud software that helps to visualize easily the important parameters of patients remotely, being possible to measure ECG, Heart Rate, Breath per minute, Temperature, Activity, Position … even barking, as they have sensors that allow the recording of it.

At the moment they have not yet specified launch dates, but they were already present at this year’s 4YFN, and are being supported by Barcelona Activa so that it can be marketed as soon as possible.

These types of projects can help veterinarians, although we already know that not all dogs have the same size or structure, so they will have to work hard to create a flexible solution that can be adapted to the market.


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