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Discover the new Apple WhatchOS 2

After the success (and subsequent drop in sales) of the Apple WatchOS, those of the apple brand have decided release an improved version the same one that will delight many, we talk about the Apple WhatchOS 2.

The Apple Watch was designed with its own operating system, WatchOS, which takes advantage of its size and placement on the wrist.

This time they have gone further, since with Apple WhatchOS 2 there will be more spheres to choose from, more advanced and faster apps, more accessories and better communication options. All this to make the Apple Watch more personalized and better adapted to its wearer.

You can customize the spheres, make timelapse videos that decorate it, control the thermostat, lights and your home alarm from it with Insteon or simply control the time of your next flight. With function Time Travel you will be able to «travel in time» to see what happened yesterday, what happens today what will happen tomorrow, although it rather refers to the fact that you will be able to have total control of the hours and compare those of one day with another, something like an agenda it would not be bad and it is advertised among the features of its latest version.

As a last piece of information, you can also use it as table clock, since it will remain illuminated marking the time without you having to wear it.

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