Echo Arena VR: virtual reality without gravity

Despite the health crisis caused by Covid-19, 2020 is the year chosen for virtual reality to enter fully into the world of e-sports What do we base ourselves in making this statement? Well, at the launch of Echo Arena VR, a video game developed by Ready at Dawn Studios that promises to break with all the molds established in the industry so far. Want to know more? Well you’re in the perfect place!

Echo Arena: a virtual reality game without gravity

Ready at Dawn Studios includes former members of Naughty Dog and Blizzard, responsible for some hit titles like God of War or The Order: 1886. Since 2016, this developer has fully specialized in virtual reality video games under Echo VR’s intellectual property. As is the case with Lone Echo I and II for single player and the Echo Arena and Echo Combat for multiplayer .

The level of immersion in Virtual reality of these titles is simply amazing and mark the technological ceiling that has been reached in this sector. Until now! Since Echo Arena VR has taken this concept and has improved it to unthinkable quotas . This game simulates a zero gravity hockey game in which two teams of 5 members face off.

With the help of the controls, we will be able to move through the space in the direction that we want, in order to bring the disc into the rival’s goal. Although in the field there are a series of blocks that allow us to carry out different very funny tactics. At first glance, it reminds us a lot of the Ender or Tron Games. Although in reality it is still a version of the original Lone Echo for the online competitive environment.

How to access the Echo Arena VR beta?

Interested in taking a look at this full immersion virtual reality game? Since last May, the public beta was opened so any user can download it and participate without needing an invitation. The only requirement is that you have an Oculus Rift or an Oculus Quest . We especially recommend the first option, as this virtual reality headset connects to the PC and provides higher graphics quality and performance.

Some of the best virtual reality games of the moment

In addition to Lone Echo or Echo Arena VR, there are other virtual reality games on the market that you should not miss. Here are some examples.

Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life is one of the most beloved video game sagas by fans. It was developed by Valve at the end of the last century and its plot takes us into a world dominated by strange aliens who are part of the Alliance. This is a first-person shooter with RPG and adventure elements which has been ported to Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality virtual reality glasses.

If you have played the originals, we recommend that you give this new installment a chance, which is among the events that occurred between the first and second part. Since is an immersive experience without equal and allows us to discover the true potential of VR . Its price? On Steam you can find it for 49.99 euros.

No Man’s Sky

The Hello Games space exploration title was embroiled in controversy during its launch, as it did not include half of the features that had been announced. However, successive patches have completely met the expectations of the community, so the arrival of a virtual reality version was a matter of time.

We can travel to any planet in the universe to discover its secrets or extract the most valuable resources . And we have at our disposal a huge amount of crafting objects, as well as vehicles and weapons that will help us in our adventure. The experience is very similar to the original game, but with all the advantages of virtual reality. No Man’s Sky is compatible with the PlayStation VR for PS4 and costs 39.99 euros in the official store.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Finally, we are going to talk about Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, a aerial combat video game developed by Namco from the Unreal engine. The title puts us at the controls of a fighter with which we will have to face the Erusean fleet throughout 3 fascinating battles.

This is a perfect game in every way, although the duration of the main campaign does not exceed 4 hours . And although we can replay the missions to get better scores and records, in general it is very short. Despite everything, it is highly recommended and you can find it in the PS Store at 69.99 euros.

And so far our entry today, in which we have talked about Echo Arena VR, the new release of Ready at Dawn Studios as well as the best virtual reality games that have been published to date. date. What do you think of this release? Do you think it could become an alternative to League of Legends or Fortnite in the competitive multiplayer environment? Well don’t be shy and tell us what you think in the comments. Until next time!

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