Edifier Active Speakers

Not only do they deliver high-end sound quality, they are aesthetically similar and not out of place in your living room or studio.

Turntables are all the rage again for several years, but sometimes we forget that this vintage music player today offers sound quality to match. That is why a sound system that accompanies it seems almost essential and the Edifier speakers are a great alternative to enjoy your music as you deserve.

The Edifier Active Speakers are very competitively priced and are the perfect match for your turntable, offering high sound quality. They connect directly to the turntable without requiring a separate amplifier .

Your turntable’s best friends

Two Edifier sound systems are especially recommended to accompany your turntable: the Edifier R1280DB and the S3000PRO. The first stands out for offering high sound quality if you have a low budget.

Classic in appearance, incorporates new bluetooth connection features, updated specifications conform to high quality standard and performance.

Edifier Active Speakers

Features equalizer adjustment, uses built-in controls that allow you to adjust treble, bass and volume (located on the side panel).

You can get high resolution audio with the optical and RCA inputs, the 2.0 speakers also have 42W of power and a Flared Bass Reflex port that offers excellent bass performance.

Edifier Active Speakers

For their part, the Edifier S3000PRO elevates a turntable experience to a higher level. They have advanced features and state-of-the-art technology, sampling rates up to 192 kHz and Hi-Res certified sound.

In addition to the Bluetooth 5.0 connection with aptX, the S3000PRO has USB, optical, coaxial, XLR and RCA / auxiliary inputs. In addition, they bear the “True Wireless” seal, and in fact the left and right boxes use “True Wireless” among them.

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