Editing photos software for PC or Mac

Photo editing programs have become very popular today , since allow us to process images to improve their general appearance, introduce filters or eliminate some defects Also, they are very easy to use, so any user can start to get the most out of it in a matter of minutes .

Are you interested in this topic? Well then you should not miss our entry today, since we are going to talk about the best photo editing software for PC and Mac that you can find in 2020.

What is photo editing software?

It is a program capable of retouching images to change contrast, sharpness or colors. And you can also insert stickers, custom frames or some type of text. In this way, depending on what we are looking for, we will obtain an improved version of the photo or a completely different result from the original .

Originally, editors were reserved for experts with high technical knowledge. But nowadays, any user can easily use these photo editing programs on PC and Mac . So they are the perfect choice for professionals. And also for those who simply want to add fun effects to their images on social media.

Best photo editing programs for PC

Do you need a basic photo editing software? In this case, you can take a look at the Photos App which comes natively in Windows 10 and is great for quick fixes on an image. Another very interesting option is Picasa which we could consider as the little brother of Photoshop and is also totally free.

Anything more advanced? Capture One 20 is an excellent image editor that stands out for its excellent speed and performance, making it a solid alternative to Adobe. While Serif PhotoPlus is the perfect choice for professionals and amateurs, with plenty of tools like brushes, brushes, effects and filters to transform your multimedia files easily.

We did not forget The Gimp a very complete editor, in Spanish and for which you will not have to pay a penny. Nor from online editors, such as I love IMG with which we can resize a photograph, compress it or retouch it from the website itself. Or Pixlr which has free and paid plans and synthesizes most of the functions of professional editing software.

Best photo editing programs for Mac

In the Mac App Store you have at your disposal a wide variety of free applications that are designed for professionals and novice users. One of the most popular is PhotoScape which has a very intuitive interface and all the tools to update images. Also highly recommended Pixelmator which can be linked to iPad Pro and is characterized by its advanced features.

For its part, Affinity Photo is a photo editing program on Mac with a quality equivalent to Adobe Photoshop on PC. Like the previous one, it is also compatible with iPad and wearables such as Apple Pencil. And finally, we will mention Polarr Photo Editor Pro . A software specially designed for beginners, with automatic corrections so that you can change the appearance of your image with a single click.

The greats of the market

You may be thinking that we have not talked about some of the most important photo editing programs, such as Adobe Photoshop. Do not worry! We had only left it for the end.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is without a doubt the most popular video and image editing software today a veteran application that has managed to adapt to the new times and establish itself as the most complete option for professional use. How much? About 100 euros if you buy the full license and 80 euros if you upgrade it from a previous one.

Want an alternative to Photoshop to edit photos that doesn’t cost a penny? Under pressure from the community, Adobe has released a version called Adobe Photoshop Express, which, in addition to being simpler, can be used from a mobile phone or web browser. It is not designed for photography experts, but it is the ideal solution for hobbyists who want to create or edit content quickly and easily.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is another program from this company, which allows us to take high-quality photos and edit them with surprising results. It stands out for its enormous number of options to rotate the image, cut it, apply filters, change the hue or saturation . And also for being very easy to use, making it a great option for all people who don’t have much idea.

Also, if you have a Tablet, you can download Adobe Lightroom for iPad and thus continue your work on this device. It’s free? Yes, although there is a Premium mode that unlocks advanced features, such as cloud storage. However, with the basic version you will have more than enough for all your image retouching.

ACDSee Photo Studio

Finally, we will mention ACDSee Photo Studio, an exceptional editing software with numerous tools that is aimed at photography professionals . Its price amounts to about 60 euros and is the ideal solution to unleash our imagination and creative capabilities.

This powerful editor also allows us to easily organize files, record videos, take photos, and correct any lens distortion. It is possibly the best tool to handle RAW files with layers or parametrically edit images . In addition, the latest update includes a facial recognition mode and options for a more realistic color transition.

And so far our entry today, in which we have talked about the best photography editing programs that exist today . Have you used any of these applications? How was the experience for you? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Until another!

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