England condemns drone pilot for the first time

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England condemns drone pilot for the first time

The use of remote-controlled drones has become the latest fashion, since very recently they have been accessible to the general public, especially to record recreational and sports activities.

This has led to its use being regulated in Spain a few months ago, and that it is prohibited to pilot drones in public spaces, among other rules of use. The main reason for these prohibitions is negligence in their handling, given the possibilities offered by these devices to carry out espionage of all kinds.

Recently, the White House had a major incident with a drone pilot who flew a plane in restricted airspace, and they also had problems at the US Open. To tackle pilots who misbehave drones, the UK today sent a clear message condemning a repeat pilot who violated several safety regulations last year.

The condemned pilot is called Nigel Wilson, he is a 42-year-old Brit from Notthingham who will have to pay a fine of £ 1,800 and another £ 600 for the costs. Additionally, he has been convicted of seven public safety violations that have cost him a ban on use, handling, and even helping to pilot drones over a two-year period.

The Briton admitted to being guilty up to seven times of using his flying machines irresponsibly, for example: when he flew over a Liverpool football match in 2014 and scared several mounted police horses, causing them to panic and cause a stampede. being located in an area full of people and pedestrians. He committed six other crimes, which were discovered since he published the videos on YouTube and that is how the authorities managed to arrest him.

Chief Inspector Nick Aldworth, who is a senior official with the Metropolitan Police Service on drone misuse, stated in an interview that: “Flying drones in congested areas or buildings can pose great risks to public safety and security, and Wilson put many people in real danger. Today’s result should serve as a warning to anyone thinking of doing similar things that could end up in court if they ignore these rules. “.

The example of the British authorities with this pilot may have a similar effect on their Spanish counterparts. The rules in Spain are very clear and can be easily consulted. It is also important that people using these types of small aircraft understand that there are strict regulations on how and where you can fly and that the State Security Forces and Bodies will be forced to detain any person who does not follow these rules.

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