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The Flic Twist It has been released; the latest driver from the Swedish specialist in smart homes.

Add a dial around the smart button expands the number of inputs you can program into the device and a rotary dial, of course, is much more intuitive and natural for certain control behaviors; think dimming the light, adjusting the volume / heat and the like.

You interact with Flic Twist in two ways: by pressing the button in the middle (single, double or sharp) or by turning the dial.

If you want to be a ninja of Flic Twist, you can even hold the button down while turning the dial for additional functionality. The dial features 12 LED lights to show you how far up or down.

You can mount it on the wall using the included magnetic wall mount, or simply place it on a table or bedside surface.

You don’t need to plug it in, it runs on a pair of AAA batteries, with a advertised 2-year battery life.

Flic’s compatibility list is huge with big names like Hue, Lifx, Sonos, Ecobee, Trådfr, and Chromecast all supported. The gaps can also be filled with IFTTT, SmartThings, and Alexa Routines.

The good news is that Flic is also part of the Connectivity Standards Alliance, and we are told that Flic products will be part of the Matter smart home ecosystem when it launches next year.

The Flic Twist needs a hub to function, and there is a new device on that front as well. The Flic Hub Mini It takes the Bluetooth LR abilities of the previous generation Flic Hub LR, but is a much sleeker circular design, as shown below with the Twist:

The good news is that your old Flic buttons will also work with the new Hub Mini, and a Flic Twist will also work well with your Flic Hub LR (which features Ethernet, dual-band Wi-Fi, is compatible with the Flic IR accessory, wired audio and is compatible with the Flic Hub SDK).

The Hub Mini will be sold for just € 29.99.

Flic Twist pre-orders will launch on Kickstarter in early November. € 79 offers you a Twist at an early booking price (the normal price will be € 99). There are also a ton of other packages worth checking out: 159 euros for three and a Hub Mini, for example.

Don’t be put off by crowdfunding – Flic always goes this route for product launches.

Shipping is scheduled for June 2022 and comes in two colors: Frost White and Matte Black.

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