FreeLace are the new wireless headphones just released by Huawei. Intelligent connectivity, powerful audio and long battery life are the three features that stand out in this new 99 euro device.

It has HiPair support to combine and charge the battery with Huawei mobiles when connected to the device. FreeLace headphones are available in several colors: Graphite Black, Amber Sunrise, Emerald Green and Moonlight Silver.

FreeLace are designed in metal and liquid silicone for softness. Both materials are chosen with the aim of offering freedom, but also safety.

Although FreeLace is preferred for pairing with Huawei smartphones, its USB type C connector allows it to be connected to any smartphone, tablet or PC with bluetooth for faster and easier pairing.

FreeLace can be charged in five minutes for up to four hours of playback. If a 100% charge is made, the duration is 18 hours of playback and 13 hours of conversation.

FreeLace also has a magnetic switch to improve portability, and a sensor that turns the headphones on or off depending on whether or not they are connected.

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