Google will launch an update to improve Pixel performance

The new Google Pixel have been a real headache for many users. Some have reported automatic reboots and other users mentioned problems with device performance.

In a thread of Reddit with more than 400 comments, users tried to find an explanation to the problem of the battery, and some agreed that the functions of digital Wellbeing were affecting the performance. For example, a user mentioned that he gained between 1 and 1.5 hours of battery after disabling those functions and similar comments accompanied this reasoning.

And Google took time to analyze the situation and finally gave an answer to this situation. In the same Reddit, the Google team mentioned that after an analysis evaluating internal tests they came to the conclusion that Digital Wellbeing is not the cause of the performance problems.

On the other hand, they did recognize that they must implement some changes to solve the problems that the users mentioned and are already focused on that process. So they will receive software updates for their devices in order to fix these errors (which they have not mentioned) that affect Pixel’s performance.

At the moment, users will have to wait patiently or try to deactivate the Digital Wellbeing features until they receive the update. You can also follow the recommendations given by the Google team in their Help Center for Pixel.

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