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Since March 14, we have been confined to our homes due to the health emergency. Until the quarantine is over we will have to give up doing outdoor sports, go out to the bar for a drink or go to a concert, but with a little imagination we can continue enjoying our favorite movies transforming our house into a cinema . Don’t you know how to do it? Well then don’t get up!

Having a home theater: we give you ideas to set up your own

What do I need to have a home theater screen? To get started, you will need a projector, which is the building block . Today there are models of different types and price ranges, from very cheap portable projectors to high-quality projectors that will transform your living room into a movie theater.

Also you will need a projector screen . If you don’t want to spend a penny, you can use a simple white wall or a sheet. But to improve the image quality we recommend that you go for a floor screen which has a very low price and can be easily placed in any room. Although the screens fixed to the wall, the roller screens or the motorized which can be controlled with the help of a remote control, are also excellent options.

Since we no longer live in the silent movie era, we also need a sound system that has a good bass register and supplies the right power to the room. Currently we can find many different systems, but to enjoy a home theater screen we recommend that you choose 7.1 .

Now we have to choose the best space in our home to install the movie theater, which is generally the living room or a room specially dedicated for it . Take care that the lighting is adequate and select a comfortable sofa or chairs for the perfect experience. Let the session begin!

Giant television screens

The audiovisual sector is constantly changing, providing increasingly advanced products at better prices. And also incredible new features like giant television screens. This is the case of the Samsung Q9, which has an 88-inch Qled screen and is intended primarily for the North American and Korean markets.

It has a HDR image quality and can cover 100% of the color volume making it capable of reproducing the images as they were originally created. In addition, it has Quantum Dot technology which introduces small particles on the screen to increase brightness levels and color spectrum.

Screens for cinema projector

Buying a projector and screen is a cheaper option than buying a giant television screen. In addition, they are more easily found on the market and allow us a much higher number of inches. For example, the Luxscreen display is made of white fabric and comes in 3 different models of 100, 120 and 150 inches in 16: 9 format. You have it on Amazon starting at $16.99.

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<p> Another excellent projector screen for mounting your home theater is <strong> Celexon, which incorporates its own tripod so you can easily carry it into any room </strong>. It is available in 80- and 90-inch sizes and stands out for its 120-degree viewing angle and anti-reflection technology. Great if you combine it with a portable projector! Its price? From 79.99 euros. </p>
<p> And we end our entry today with the <strong> projector screen from Phoenix Technologies, which is 112 inches in size </strong>. It can be installed on the ceiling or any wall and has a small motor controlled by remote control to modify the parameters of the screen. If you are interested, you can find it for around 115 euros. </p>
<p> What do you think of these projectors and screens to set up your home theater? Are you going to enjoy your favorite series with all possible inches? <strong> Don't be shy and leave us your impressions in the comments </strong>. Until next time! </p>
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