How to transfer music and your iTunes playlists to Android

People with iOS phones can enjoy iTunes as the default player. Now, those who use Android devices have Google Play Music to enjoy all the music they want.

However, if you have changed from one operating system to another and in this case from iOS to Android, do not worry, because here we bring you up to 3 ways for you to easily transfer music .

1. Transfer your music manually through a USB cable

Basically, the easiest way to move your music is through this method, in which, through your PC, you must copy all the music from iTunes to paste it into a new folder . After performing these actions, you will have to connect a common USB cable from the computer to your mobile phone to transfer all the selected music.

2. Move your iTunes music to an Android through Apple Music

Before starting with this option, we clarify that this alternative is a monthly paid subscription, but it is worth the result and also comes with other additional benefits. Here, everything is available to only one app: Apple Music. With this tool available for Android you can move all your music from iTunes after logging in with your Apple ID.

To do this, you will have to select the option Music Library of iCloud, which you can activate from your computer in iTunes settings and that’s it. Then we will leave you the free download link.

Apple Music : download from Google Play

3. Move all your songs from iTunes directly to Google Play Music

Last but not least, we bring the iTunes direct link option to Google Play Music. This process will have to be done through the Google Play Music Manager program, which will be our bridge to be able to pass all the selected music.

Download it through this link and let it guide you through its simple options until your songs are already in the same Play Music.

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