Instagram reaches 400 million users

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Instagram reaches 400 million users

Instagram, the social network owned by Facebook (it was acquired in 2012 having paid a whopping 765 million euros for it) has gained 100 million users since last January, an achievement without a doubt. 75% of users live outside the United States and in total more than 80 million photos are uploaded daily to the social network, either in the app itself or through a manager and planner for Instagram.

In a recent statement it was stated that a large part of these new registered users in the last 9 months come from countries such as Brazil, Japan and Indonesia to a greater extent.

Currently there is no celebrity in the world of celebrity who does not have an account where to upload photos that his most loyal followers admire, and that is Instagram is beginning to be considered one of the best marketing tools that has been created in recent years.

In each profile it is possible to insert a link that redirects to a web page, be it that of a media outlet or that of a clothing store, for example. Also, on a more personal level, Instagram has become a powerful dating tool; they would be surprised at the number of people who have found a partner through a social network that apologizes for the image and continuous posturing.

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