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iPhone 6S

In Cupertino it seems that they are quite happy with the public’s response to their two new terminals, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

The reason is that since the closure of the terminal reserve was opened, they are on the way to beat the sales record for the first weekend of last year, which reached 10 million. In addition, in recent days Apple shares have risen, after a certain decline just when last Wednesday’s presentation ended. In short, everyone is happy.

But there is a key fact that allows us to understand why there are more orders than the previous year, when normally the iPhone that change number and also design tend to have more circulation than the S. This is neither more nor less than the China listing as one of the countries that will receive the first circulation of devices. And of course, this means that, as soon as some Chinese want the new iPhone, the absolute record for orders is reached in the first weekend.

In any case, it seems that no matter how fast buyers are to have the new terminal, it will be quite difficult for it to reach them before it goes on sale in some privileged countries on the 25th.

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