iPod Touch 2019

The iPod Touch is back and with some interesting new features.

The new Apple model has 2 main features that differentiate it from previous models: The 256 GB version of memory and the new A10 fusion processor. The new processor chip allows iPod Touch to support some features such as FaceTime group and ARKit.

The model is now available in Apple stores worldwide, as well as online. The 32GB, 128GB and 256GB iPod Touch models are available for purchase.

New iPod Touch Design

Unfortunately there is not much news about the design of the new iPod Touch. Since Apple show us a terminal with many aesthetic similarities to its predecessor. In fact, it continues to lag behind in terms of physical functionality as it does not have the Touch ID or Face ID.

Another point that has caused controversy is that this model was expected to include the A11 processor that would allow to execute some other functions to the model (among those the so promoted list of arcade games of Apple).

On the other hand, the announcement of the new iPod Touch comes with the shadow of the next release of iOS 13, which, by the way, will render obsolete the iPods of generation 6 (2015-2018), without updates.

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