Jabees BHearing Headphones

Jabees has introduced an intelligent headset, a personal sound amplifier which is configured via Bluetooth with a mobile application to test and customize it.

It’s call BHearing, headphones with a modern and elegant design, detachable and rechargeable battery, audio amplifier, Bluetooth handsfree and wireless music transmission. A device sold in Indiegogo for $99.

Every person needs personal adjustment with aging and listen habits. People gradually lose sensitivity to low-frequency, mid-frequency or high-frequency sound. Once we’re over 35, hearing begins to deteriorate, BHearing solves to configure devices based on what they really need.

Using the app we can set the tones, turn noise reduction On or Off, or define the frequencies in each ear.

User data will be transferred and stored in the mobile application, which works seamlessly with BHearing headphones, so you can enjoy the sound from your phone, laptop, TV or any platform where Bluetooth can be connected.

Profiles can be saved using face recognition, so that the app knows who the user is at all times and can define the type of sound that will be played through the headphones.

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