Landline phone buying tips

Despite the smartphone revolution, landline telephony still has much to offer us . Finding the perfect model for you is as easy as following our buying tips.

Why do you need a cordless phone?

These types of devices are perfect for answering calls with complete freedom of movement making them an ideal complement to your home or workplace (you can continue talking on the phone while you put the washing machine or you make photocopies).

If you have internet at home, you need a landline so a wireless phone allows you to take full advantage of this functionality, being able to amortize a cut that is already included in your bill. After all, who wants to pay for something they don’t use?

It is always good to have multiple phones (and numbers) to make and receive calls . So you can, for example, diversify your contacts or always have a phone ready to use when your smartphone battery runs out.

Check this out before viewing landline phones

Basic functions that your wireless landline telephone must have

Hands-free : an essential functionality that allows you to talk on the phone without holding the device.

Backlit display and large enough so you can clearly see who is calling you.

Scope : Their range should generously encompass your entire home, so that there are no blind spots where coverage is not forthcoming.

Battery : The higher its capacity, the longer the phone can operate away from its charging base. It is also important to find a model that does not take a long time to fully charge.

Quality sound : It is essential in any phone that it has the clearest sound possible, as well as various types of ringer and the possibility of muting it.

Design : It’s not just about the wireless landline phone model going well with your room decor. It is a matter of ergonomics: the lighter and more comfortable it is to hold the terminal, the easier it will be for you to use.

Premium features for landline phones

Connections : A speaker on the base allows you to use the phone without removing it from its charging base. The headphones, meanwhile, will allow you to use the handsfree much more discreetly.

Answering machine: is very practical, but pay attention to the maximum duration of the recordings, since if they are too short this function will be of practically no use to you.

Number of terminals : depending on the model you choose, up to 5 telephones can be connected. Remember that it will always be cheaper to buy these types of devices in a pack than to purchase them individually.

More advanced specifications : from Bluetooth technology (which allows you to share your smartphone contacts), to full-color touch screens, through ultra-resistant or very long-range models … of course there is a cordless landline phone for each type of user.

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