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The "messenger drones" to help Africa

Many African countries have scarce and dilapidated infrastructures, which makes the transport of goods very difficult and expensive for those who send them, taking into account that there are hardly any roads and that many roads are dirt.

For this reason, and considering the different applications that drones could have, the Swiss association Afrotech, closely related to the University of Zurich and the architecture studio Foster, The «droneport» arrives, an airport specially designed for the landing of drones.

The aim of this new project is to solve the fact that two-thirds of Africans do not have adequate transport infrastructure within two kilometers from where they live, which is why it is expected that transport by means of drones can take them out of a logistics gap and of communication that is enlarged by the scarcity of means of the country to get ahead.

The construction of this first airport is expected in 2016, and the goods that are mainly designed for this means of transport would be: medicines and online shopping packages. This is because the drones could not support a load greater than 20 kg, although as a favorable fact, they have a range of more than 80 kilometers.

Later it is intended to expand the project to 40 more airports in the country from Rwanda to the Congo.

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