My laptop does not turn on. What can I do?

This problem is more common than you think and can happen at any time, so if your laptop doesn’t turn on, there are several things you can do. If it has not happened to you yet, it is best to be prepared for any eventuality. Next we will see the main reasons why your laptop does not start and its possible solutions so that you can solve it yourself.

Will it be well connected?

Although it seems an obvious problem, sometimes we think of the most complex problems and forget the simplest things that can easily give us the solution. So if your laptop doesn’t start, the first thing you should do is check that all the cables are connected correctly.

Starting from the plug to the laptop protector, in most cases it can be separated. So you have to make sure that it is well connected and then verify that it is well connected to your equipment.

But in this step we will not only verify that it is well connected, we are also going to verify that the power cable is in good condition . Check that there are no bites, strangles or parts that have lost their plastic protection that covers the inner cable.

 The Cat Thunderbolt 3 Mini Dock Corsair ports "class =" wp-image-32020 "/> If you use a Dock that also serves to charge the laptop, see if it is working properly.</figure>
<p>If we find that the cable has some damage it may be the reason that our <strong> laptop does not turn on </strong>. The solution in this case depends on the damaged amount of the cable, if it is something minimal you can go to a technician. But if it is already a damage that affects a large part of the wiring, it would be advisable to buy a new power supply cable.</p>
<p>This can be a solution if your laptop does not start, but what if you already checked and everything is fine with the wiring, is your laptop well connected and still still not turning on? We recommend that you continue reading because we will explore more drawbacks and their possible solutions.</p>
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See if when ou press the power button the laptop emits any sound or noise, since it is a sign that the laptop is receiving electrical power so let’s see what we can do if it is.

It sounds when turned on, but it does not give an image on the screen

The laptop does not start but when you connect it and try to turn it on we can hear the fan cooler working. This may mean that there is some software problem and we should try to enter the BIOS of our laptop, if this is not possible we will go to the next step.

When trying to turn on our laptop, it may behave as if it turned on normal, but it does not throw any image on the screen. If it is in our power and we have a monitor to which we can connect our laptop, we will connect it to determine if the problem is our screen.

We will turn on our computer and if it throws an image at the other monitor, it means that the problem is our screen and we should go to a technician to solve this problem. But if the laptop still does not turn on we will resort to another type of possible solution.

Until now we have tried to keep the solutions as simple as possible and without having to open the equipment. But if we have already tried all these solutions and none have been effective, it is time to open your laptop very carefully to try to solve the problem.

Open the laptop looking for solutions

In case your laptop has not yet started, the next step is open the computer very carefully, to do a couple of things looking to solve our problem. It is always important to do all this process with great delicacy, because remember that the idea is to solve a problem and not cause more.

The first thing to do is clean the motherboard and connectors with a soft bristled brush. You can also use a air compressor or if you don’t have it, you can use a dryer that can blow non-hot natural air. This is to remove accumulated dust and thus to clean dust from the card and connectors .

If when cleaning our laptop and when you reconnect it, it turns on, we will know that the problem lies in the dust or in the connectivity of our RAM memories. If, on the other hand, the laptop still does not turn on, we will have to go to a technician to solve our problem.

Turns on, but turns off after a few minutes

Your laptop may turn on and work for a few minutes or even just a few seconds and then turn off, this would be a bit of a serious problem, but not so difficult to solve. What would be happening is that the processor is overheating .

This may be caused by the lack of thermal paste or the malfunction of the fan cooler. In case it is the lack of thermal paste, we can easily solve it by opening our laptop and applying a drop of thermal paste on the base of the cooler that makes contact with the processor.

If you notice that the fan is clogged, the ideal would be to be able to open it and clean it. In case the fan cooler still doesn’t turn on, you would have to buy the same model and change it to fix that problem.

The laptop still does not turn on

If even after trying all these solutions the problem persists, it is recommended that you take your laptop that does not start a technician to solve the problem or buy a new laptop . If your computer is under warranty, it is best to locate the model of the laptop and call the company to proceed with the revision or change of your equipment.

I hope you have found here the problem for which your laptop does not turn on and above all, that you know how to fix it. Let us know how you solved it! And, if you used a different method, don’t hesitate to share it with all of us.

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