Nubia Alpha

Nubia Alpha is an interesting solution to show what we can have in a short future. At the moment it’s difficult to pay more than $400 to have something so big, for mega-selfies and applications that are not in Google Play, but there are several reasons which that technology can help us glimpse the future.

Easy Videoconference

Nubia Alpha can open in seconds a videoconference using the wristband, a wristband with SIM to help connect to the Internet without depending on the mobile.

In many occasions it is not necessary to have HD for a quick meeting, but it is always necessary to see the face to be able to read the non-verbal communication of any decent conversation and this device could be a great solution.

More Wearable

The flexible screen can be adapted to various parts of the body, not just the wrist, so what is now a bracelet, could soon be an anklet, a necklace, a headband… even screens that adapt to surfaces of our day to day, from refrigerators to toasters.

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