OZMO 900

ECOVACS ROBOTICS have launched OZMO 900, an intelligent cleaning robot that allows you to vacuum and scrub in a single pass, using Smart NaviTM 3.0 mapping and navigation technology.

OZMO 900 is an update of its previous model on which the following updates and improvements have been made:

  • It adds manual suction to the automatic one.
  • The brush is bristle and rubber adding more sweeping capacity
  • It has a minimalist and white design
  • Increases the capacity up to 450 ml in the rubbish bin
  • The power of the lithium battery is 2600 mAH which provides up to 95 minutes of cleaning time.

OZMO 900 incorporates laser technology that scans the environment and creates a detailed floor plan of the visible home ECOVACS HOME application.

OZMO 900

The plane on the mobile allows you to create virtual planes and define cleaning areas where more power will be needed or define areas where it will be forbidden to clean.

In addition to its own app, it can be controlled with Amazon Echo or Google Home, so its integration with virtual assistants is already guaranteed.

We can buy OZMO 900 for about $450.

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