Panasonic Lumix G100

Panasonic Lumix G100 has the Nokia OZO sound system and presents an optimized image stabilizer, among other novelties.

We finally know the new Panasonic camera, and this is none other than the G100, a new mirrorless one very focused on video bloggers that allows you to create videos in 4K quality.

It features a sound system optimized to improve the quality of audio recordings during filming, and featured a much larger sensor than that of smartphones. Ideal for capturing impressive images and videos in all kinds of situations.

More professional… but still fun

The new G100 allows shooting or recording in all situations, even at night or in dark spaces. It has a Micro Four Thirds sensor of 20, 3MP, which allows to achieve incredible blurring and gives a unique character to the videos. Its 5-axis hybrid image stabilizer is very powerful and allows you to record videos on the go, guaranteeing stable videos for the best viewing experience.

The camera offers a renewed AF so that the video quality is perfect in all situations. Thanks to this function, characteristic of LUMIX, an optimal result is achieved.

Audio system by Nokia

The LUMIX G100 captures the highest quality sound thanks to Nokia’s OZO Audio system, delivering audio designed for excellent playback that allows you to capture and edit sound with amazing precision. It works like this: Three internal microphones record clear sound that brings content creators closer to the viewer.

The G100 also tracks the voice of people it detects and automatically changes the settings to the most appropriate sound for each moment. With this versatility, the camera offers all the necessary audio technology, so you can do without an external mic because the camera itself applies the equalizer settings necessary to capture and reproduce the sound depending on the environment automatically.

Panasonic Lumix G100

Video Selfie Mode

It has different recording modes, such as Video Selfie Mode, which focuses on the user and the background without having to change the camera settings. Plus, thanks to Panasonic’s 4K Photo functionality, you can capture fractions of a second. The camera shoots at 30 fps and extracts only the frame needed to get the perfect moment. With this function, spectacular pictures can be easily achieved.

You can also use special video effects, such as slow motion or time lapse . And other additions that vloggers will appreciate: VlogL and LUT (Look Up Table), which allow the content of the videos to be adapted in post-production.

Panasonic Lumix G100


It incorporates low-power bluetooth (Bluetooth 4.2), which guarantees an uninterrupted connection between the camera and a smartphone with minimal energy consumption.

The smartphone can activate the camera or add labels to the content and the smartphone can also be used as a remote control for video recording and photo capture, enhancing the remote control and accentuating its street character. Come on, ideal for catching friends on the street while on vacation.

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