Panasonic OLED TVs

The new family of Panasonic OLED TVs was introduced to media around the world a few months ago, where Gadget Magazine had the opportunity to see first-hand, at an event organized in London, the advances that Panasonic had introduced to new televisions that also had the involvement of some of the most recognized figures in Hollywood .

The seal of quality

The new family of OLED TVs not only comes with Dolby Vision IQ and the exclusive Filmmaker Mode with IS from Panasonic, but it also has Netflix TV Recommended certification and paper by Stefan Sonnenfeld on color calibration. Don’t you know who it is? He is one of the most renowned colourists in Hollywood cinema. That’s it.

Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing

Developed by the UHD Alliance, Filmmaker Mode respects frame rate, aspect ratio, color, sharpness, and contrast content while disabling noise reduction. Panasonic has added Intelligent Sensing, which intelligently adjusts the image according to the ambient light.

The use of state-of-the-art sensors allows viewing to be perfect even in brightly lit rooms, achieving an immersive experience. Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing is exclusive to Panasonic and supports HDR10 +, HDR10, HLD and SDR content.

360º Sound Soundscape

In the HZ1500 series Built-in ceiling-facing speakers and front speakers are integrated, plus a center subwoofer for deeper bass, offering sound that is both realistic and immersive. This provides a “360º Soundscape” sound and immersive Dolby Atmos audio experiences.

Prices and models

The price table would be as follows, depending on the model and size:

HZ1000 55 ”: 1,999 euros.

HZ1000 65”: 2,699 euros.

HZ1500 55 ”: 2,299 euros.

HZ1500 65 ”: 2,999 euros.

You can find all the information on the official website of Panasonic .

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