¿Playstation 5?

That’s right, after 6 years since the launch of Playstation 4, it’s time for the successor to come…

Yes, 6 years since PS4, as time goes by, right?

In an interview with the Wired portal, Mark Cerny, designer of PS4 and PS5, revealed some features of the console and made it clear that “It won’t come in 2019”.

The console doesn’t have a name yet, so no matter how much we call it PlayStation 5, that’s still not its final name and Cerny refers to it as “the new generation console” without going into depth on the subject.

Among the main functionalities it will have is Retrocompatibility, a function already known in Microsoft consoles (Xbox) thanks to which games from previous consoles can be played on it and which will have, at least, PlayStation 4. In addition, it will maintain support and place for physical games, that is, from disks.

The heart of the console will be an AMD chip, and will have a CPU based on the third generation of AMD Ryzen with eight 7nm Zen 2 cores. Also, the GPU, a custom variant of Radeon Navi will support Ray Tracing, one of the most recent and innovative graphics functions and will be the first console that can handle this feature. This is not surprising, as Cerny himself confirmed that the console will be able to support 8K graphics, “so all 4K broadcasters will be able to take full advantage of this capability.”

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