PlayStation VR, that’s what Sony’s virtual device will be called

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PlayStation VR, that's what Sony's virtual device will be called

The Japanese brand announced today at the Tokyo Game Show that what was previously known as Project Morpheus will be called PlayStation VR. This will be a new virtual device will delight video game fans since these will go to a new dimension. In addition, they have also indicated that they will soon be able to be tested in the exhibition hall of the fair that is being held in Tokyo, so it can be said that, more than a project, they are already a reality.

PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR will compete for a place in the market with the Facebook’s Oculus Rift, now on sale, and the VIVE developed by HTC and Valve. For those who have not seen them yet, it is a kind of helmet that allows you to have a practically real 360º experience that goes several steps further than traditional games and 3D glasses. It is not that when you are playing a title, or when you are watching a movie, you feel the characters or objects approach you, but with the new virtual reality devices you will be inside the game itself or the movie itself.

Sony has announced that their PlayStation VRs will go on sale next year and the truth is that they have already begun to put their long teeth on the millions of gamers around the world who want a more realistic experience than what current games offer.

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