Polar Unite Fitness Watch

It stands out for its lightness, its elegance and its new ‘tech’ functions that we tell you below.

Despite the fact that it is falling, exercise It remains one of the priorities for many, and the reduction in mobility associated with confinement in recent months has caused some to resume sporting activities eagerly. For such purposes, one of the best accessories is Polar Unite, a sports watch that stands out for its simplicity and is designed to be worn 24 hours a day.

FitSpark, your personal guide

The FitSpark personalized training guide offers daily recommendations for different types of exercise (strength, cardio and complementary), ready to be implemented following animations on the device screen. These guides are supplemented by timers, vibration prompts, and real-time instructions to help you follow the session and see the effects exercise is having on your body. One of its great novelties is that it adapts the session to parameters such as the level of rest of the previous night, the hours of sleep, the recovery exercised or your current state of affairs, making sports routines a much safer and more efficient activity.

Polar Unite Fitness Watch

After each session, Polar Unite gives you immediate feedback on the time worked in each heart rate zone, calories consumed, and how it has affected exertion from the session to the cardiovascular system. And it is also suitable for those who prefer to exercise outdoors: Polar Unite provides speed / pace and distance on their bike routes, walks or any other outdoor sport, and allows you to see the route in Polar Flow a posteriori.

To all this are added functions such as Sleep Plus Stages, which offers detailed information on your sleep phases, including deep, light and REM; Serene, which provides relaxation exercises; Nightly Recharge, which analyzes the effort made throughout the day, apart from the aforementioned FitSpark, which personalizes your training plans based on different parameters of daily review.

On the other hand, its battery gives it up to 50 hours with the GPS connected and is waterproof up to 30 meters. It also allows creating up to 100 available sport profiles.

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