SJCAM 4K Action Cameras

SJ8 Plus turns the affordable action camera segment on its head by offering amazing 4K imaging performance at a very friendly price.

The company announced that it will reduce the price of its SJ8 Plus 4K action camera. Its retail price will be $149.00 which aims to place it in an unbeatable position for players in this market who are now targeting this lucrative segment. This strategic move aims to strengthen the brand’s growth in popularity and improve its position by offering quality products in affordable packages.

Over the years, the market for action cameras has seen an increase in new developments in terms of technology used and features, but as the rules of the economy are maintained, better specifications have a much higher price and soon devices with high-end specifications became more expensive for enthusiasts on an average budget. SJCAM realized the gap in the market and launched its SJ8 series of action cameras with three models and the SJ8 Plus, the mid-range version that has proven to be very useful in giving users access to premium features without paying an eye to the face.

It’s not just the price on the SJ8 Plus that makes it the best 4K action camera available at an average cost, but the powerful specifications that make it an intelligent device. The camera is built around an Ambarella chipset and a Sony IMX sensor, which is undoubtedly an almost perfect combination for capturing amazing 4K images and with all the features expected of a high-end device. The SJ8 Plus is an extremely capable action camera, praised by technology reviewers and gadgets who recommend it for both novice and professional users.

The camera features 2.4G Wi-Fi connectivity for real-time sharing and a 2.33″ IPS touch screen for smooth and trouble-free interface and operation with an informative front screen also in position. All this is combined with a long-lasting battery, multiple mounts and waterproof housing offered in the standard package.

SJCAM has made a smart move by promoting the SJ8 Plus, creating a challenge for the top and mid-range brands in the market. In terms of configuration and price, the SJ8 Plus is a truly affordable camera. It will compete directly with the GoPro Hero 5 with its similar price and features, and will position itself as the best alternative to the cheapest scams that consumers find on the market without firmware or technical support.

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