Smart lamps for your home

A smart lamp goes far beyond simply turning it on and off. Depending on the brand or the model, in addition allow us to change the intensity of the light, the heat they emit or program them to work when someone enters the room .In addition, their useful life is longer than their traditional equivalents and they consume much less energy, something that you will appreciate in your bills at the end of the month.

Do you want to know more about this topic? Well, don’t miss our entry for today, since we are going to talk about the best smart lamps you can find in 2020 . We will see how they work and all the advantages that they provide to your home.

Smart lamps and lights for your home

Currently, one of the best brands of smart light bulbs is Philips Hue . They are part of one of the most complete home automation ecosystems that exist and have a multitude of options and accessories that adapt perfectly to each user. Almost all models, such as the Philips Hue Go, have an E27 socket, are compatible with the Zigbee standard and can be operated from the mobile phone . In other words, we can control the house lights remotely.

We continue with Xiaomi, which in its Yeelight range provides smart lights for your home at an affordable price for any pocket . They also have their own exclusive app to manage it, with the possibility that the lamps synchronize to the rhythm of the music. They are very close to Philips Hue in terms of quality and cost considerably less, so they are a very interesting alternative to consider.

Another of the most popular manufacturers is Horevo, which stands out for its ceiling lights that reach a power greater than 2,000 lumens, with color adjustment, application to control options remotely and Bluetooth speaker . Not forgetting the Aukey lamps, which are very versatile and offer 3 dimmable white light levels, up to 256 different colors to combine and more than 35,000 hours of use. In addition, they include a system to further reduce consumption, essential to optimize light savings.

Control of house lights from your mobile

As we have seen, smart lamps have their own apps to send orders from the mobile phone. For this, it is necessary that they are connected to a network similar to Wifi and have a connection protocol . Each manufacturer uses a different one, although the most popular at present is Zigbee which is characterized by being open source and providing great energy efficiency. Although there are also other options such as Z-Wave, WeMo or TP-LINK .

Without a doubt, one of the main advantages of these devices is that are compatible with the main voice assistants and home automation environments, as is the case with the Google Assistant (Google Home), Alexa ( Amazon Echo) and Siri (HomePod). In this way, you will only have to say “Alexa turn on the light”, “Siri turn down the intensity” or any other order you can think of. Impossible easier! Even for those users who are not especially familiar with new technologies.

And so far our entry today, in which we have talked about the main brands of smart lamps on the market how they work and all the advantages they provide. What do you think? Do you already have this type of lights in your home? Are you looking forward to trying them? Well, do not cut a hair and leave us your opinion in the comments. Until next time!

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