Sony launches first air conditioner wearable

In the summer months, going out on the streets can be a real torture, especially in the central hours of the day. But what would you think if I told you that you could soon bring your own portable air conditioning to better withstand the high summer temperatures?

This is the invention that Sony has launched in Japan through a crowdfunding platform. And, surprisingly, in just a few hours it has reached its goal of 66 million yen (just over €545,000).

This wearable, which is (approximately) the size of a credit card and weighs 85 grams, uses thermoelectric cooling to refresh our body. According to Sony, the device can cool a person’s body temperature by 13 degrees Celsius, but could also be used in winter as a heater, raising the temperature by 8 degrees Celsius.

Reon pocket air conditioner wearable

To manage it, the Reon Pocket connects to our mobile by bluetooth and has an application that allows you to take control of the temperature. As for battery, has an autonomy of 90 minutes and takes two hours to charge. This new invention will see the light in 2.020 and will go on sale next to the t-shirt to take it to an approximate price of 14.080jpy, about 116 €.

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