Stadia Controller

Google launched a gaming platform, Stadia, with a number of interesting features. And to enhance the dynamics it proposes, it is complemented with a particular game controller called Stadia Controller.

Although having the Google controller is optional, since Stadia can work with any controller or simply with keyboard and mouse, it is interesting to know the plus that will add to your game sessions.

As Google shared in the presentation, Stadia Controller, has these particularities thanks to its WiFi connection and dedicated buttons:

  • Connects directly to the Google platform
  • This improves the quality of the user’s game, as it will have less latency and improves performance.
  • It can recognize the device the user is using, and change automatically.
  • You won’t have to worry about manual settings, as the controller will follow your step no matter what device you use for your game play.
  • Allows you to capture and share games on YouTube
  • One of the dedicated buttons facilitates the social component, allowing you to share in 4K samples of your gaming skills on YouTube.
  • You will be able to access Google Assistant with a simple click
  • There’s also a special button to use the Google Assistant, and ask for extra help when you’re stuck in a game. Just use a few voice commands, thanks to the built-in microphone, and you’ll receive information about special features.
Stadia Controller

And as a bonus, Google added a special touch to its proposal: the Konami code on the back of the controller.

Google didn’t give more details about the operation of the remote, but showed three models with different color combinations, which will soon be on the market.

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