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Enterprise VR project

The legendary 1960s television series, Star Trek, ended up making it to the big screen, producing a number of films that have been adored by generations around the world. Well now The quintessential sci-fi franchise comes to the world of virtual reality. Yes, very soon we will be able to be in the command room of the Enterprise without leaving our living room.

Jason, a 3D artist, has been the one who has created this world aimed at new virtual reality devices such as Oculus VR or PlayStation VR. He has created it thanks to the Unreal game mode and in it we can move freely through the most famous ship on television. Obviously it seems that the experience can be improved, but it looks like it’s where gaming devices are going in the next few years.

In a very short time, in fact, these game systems will be so perfected that we will feel practically everything that can be felt if we were really there. As you can see in the video, we have the 42 decks of the Enterprise in our living room, so we will actually ‘live’ the game. We will not play, but we will be the game itself, we will be part of it, and, in this case, of the Federation crew. Yes, the virtual reality created by Jason is the first step for millions of people around the world to be interested in this new world.

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