Surveillance cameras

It is increasingly common to hear the media talk about burglaries and robberies of homes, which is causing us to have greater and greater fears of leaving our home alone, which is why we often do not leave a few days away from home to rest. To combat this, many people have decided to place surveillance cameras in their homes so that, in this way, their assets are more protected and thus have greater tranquility.

In these pages we can find everything related to this security system and where we can verify that placing a surveillance camera is within the reach of many people since they are not very expensive and have a simple installation.

Placing these security cameras will give us a lot of peace of mind not only because the images will be recorded 24 hours a day, but also if we are away from home we can know what is happening at all times in our home through the phone mobile or tablet.

How to choose a surveillance camera?

To choose the best surveillance camera that suits our needs, we must be clear about the location in which we want to place it, since, if we want to buy it for the exterior of the house, it must be resistant to water for rainy days.

Also, the location is not only important for the material with which the camera must be made, but it is also important to differentiate whether it is a light area or not. This is because, if it is a poorly lit area, the camera will have to be night vision.

Night vision sensors are usually activated automatically when they detect low light, but we can also activate it manually at certain times.

Surveillance cameras can record audios and videos, they can have a motion sensor … and this is important that we have it clear if we want our camera to have it included or not. Face recognition is another feature that a surveillance camera can include, which is quite useful because, in the event that it doesn’t recognize the usual faces living in the home, it will automatically create an alert.

Once we have decided what type of camera we want, it is advisable that we analyze how many cameras we will need depending on the space we want to have guarded.

As we have said previously, the security system can create the alarm for us either through an SMS or an audible alarm. We will have to choose this when we buy the camera to activate it, at the moment an alert occurs.

Another aspect that we must take into account is that the cameras can save the images in a cloud or on SSD cards, if we opt for the latter, the camera must have an internet connection since, otherwise, the Images will not be saved.

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