Technics EAH-AZ70

That a company with the prestige of Technics presents its first true wireless headphones, is a milestone in the history of audio. Do they meet expectations?

The first Technics 100% wireless headphones have been made to wait. Other companies in the high-fidelity audio scene have already proposed theirs – and several models – for even years. It may be because the engineers of this firm (remember, owned by Panasonic) were not entirely convinced that their creature was refined as they wished. The truth is that they are already for sale, they are commercially called EAH-AZ70 and they have passed through the Gadget Lab.

Technics EAH-AZ70

Construction to match

Ever since you removed them from their commercial kit, you notice that you are looking at premium headphones. The box itself that houses them and recharges energy is made of first-rate materials: hard plastics and pleasant touch, with two aluminum sheets, top and bottom, decorative (the first, with the company name engraved). And once you open this box, you are presented with the headphones, equally built with consistent materials. They are available in black and white.

Technics’ AZ70s opt for a pure button shape, no dangling temples or hooks to or outside the ear concavities. In sight, they are elegant, but it can also be a drawback, as we will describe later. They integrate two dynamic driver units of 10 mm in diameter (compared to 6 mm in the rest) with an original acoustic design. It is a driver made using a diaphragm made of PEEK material and coated with graphene, which favors the reproduction of bass. Another detail of its refinement on a micro scale is that the acoustic control chamber is designed with such precision that it is capable of controlling air flow, thus optimizing the balance of each frequency, resulting in increased characteristics. of sound pressure.

Technics EAH-AZ70


Its way of pairing with the sound source is, how could it be otherwise? way, by bluetooth. As they integrate version 5.0, connectivity is always stable, reaches a range of about 10 meters and does not involve extra energy expenditure to achieve both objectives. In order to optimize connection stability, the left and right headphones work independently, that is, each receives a signal from the music source. It is a step higher than the others option, which is based on the fact that one receiver passes the signal to the other, in master and slave unit mode.

Technics EAH-AZ70

Quality hands-free

And it is that high technology is present in all the components of these Technics. For example, to make and answer calls, the AZ70 integrates two separate MEMS microphones built in a unique labyrinth cabinet structure with the ability to eliminate external noise such as that caused by gusts of wind. For its part, Beamforming technology captures the voice of the user wearing these headphones, eliminating any trace of environmental noise. In short, that on the phone, you hear and they hear you very well.

Technics EAH-AZ70

Alexa, Assistant and Siri

The three tenors are present, in assistance mode, in the AZ70. To ‘call’ the one you have configured, just touch the touch panel of one of the headphones. He immediately comes to your aid and, thanks to the voice capture technology described above and if you put a little effort into vocalizing, he understands you perfectly.

Active noise cancellation technology

Yes, the first true wireless Technics integrate this feature, which is already becoming standard among competing models with a certain level (and also in low-level ones … although, in these cases, it works poorly). The one of the Technics is of dual and hybrid type. Specifically, it is called Dual Hybrid Noise Canceling. Dual, because it is made up of noise cancellation in its Feedforward and Feedback modes, paired with a combination of analog and digital processing. They are able to neutralize external sound through opposite patterns within the headphones themselves. Of course, you can select the noise cancellation mode: on, off, and customize the ambient level.

Technics EAH-AZ70


According to the instructions, they alone stand up to 6 hours of audio playback with the noise canceling mode activated, about 7 hours with this technology off. In practice (according to our tests), the average is 5.5 and 6.5 hours respectively. Their charging box can fully power them twice.

Dedicated App

It is the necessary and crucial companion to get the most out of the Technics AZ70. Through it, you pair the headphones with the mobile (or tablet) and personalize the different variables. It informs you of the remaining energy level, allows you to control the reduction of the ambient noise, choose the virtual assistant, define the auto-off, equalize the playback … At your whim.

Technics EAH-AZ70

Gadget opines

These headphones are aimed at a very demanding type of audience in terms of audio. Its ergonomics, unfortunately, will not appeal to part of that audience: the dynamics of adjustment requires turning a bit each earpiece so that it is well supported taking advantage of the internal protrusions of the ears while inserting the pad in the outer ear. It is a matter of comfort and, therefore, that the adjustment itself favors that the sound reaches you in the best possible way. There is no need to give it more thought: try to test them for a long time to see what you feel.

It is certain that, after that long time, headphones and you are one, you will enjoy an extraordinary musical experience, yes, at the height of what this sybarite audience demands in terms of sound. They combine fantastic sound quality, a great ambient noise cancellation feature and great connectivity. They generate brilliant bass and a very successful feeling of envelopment; the vocal facets stand out for their naturalness. Be careful, all this as long as the sound source and the music file have the respective precise quality levels. They are very good headphones but they do not work miracles.

In summary, for sound performance, first-class technologies, reliable noise cancellation system and autonomy, the Technics AZ70 are an excellent purchase option … whenever you feel comfortable with them on during long listening sessions.

We also like

  • Very precise tactility.
  • Wide possibilities of setting up tactile touches to perform actions .
  • IPx4
  • Fast charge: 15 minutes charging -> more than an hour of playback with ANC on.
  • Excellent interaction with virtual assistants, especially with Alexa.
  • Exceptional weight (6.3 gr per handset).

Nor do we like it

  • Direct competition models (Sony and Sennheiser) offer much more autonomy .
  • Little autonomy extra with ANC off.
  • No auto-pause when you take them off.

Goes for tastes Not appropriate to exercise with because, even if they don’t actually fall off , the athlete is going to be too aware of his potential detachment of the ear.

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