The Best Mini-Projectors to Buy in 2019

If you’re looking for a small projector to play your favorite video games, series, movies or view your images, today we bring you some of the best mini projectors you can get on the market, with which you can enjoy and take anywhere in a comfortable way.

What is a mini-projector?

A mini projector, as its name suggests, is a small projector. This device is used to reproduce images on a screen by means of a system of lenses.

It works by receiving the signal of images or videos and projecting them on the screen you want. To do this, they have a compact size, which makes them comfortable for transport and are connected via USB port, HDMI, VGA, AV generally.

Today a mini projector comes with advanced technology that allows more than acceptable quality in terms of image resolution. This makes them a perfect tool when making presentations or simply enjoy from your mobile, laptop or Tablet any film or image you want.

Mini Projector Specifications

The first thing that should be specified is that a mini portable projector has half or less in terms of dimensions, compared to conventional projectors.

In addition to being small equipment, which you can carry in any pocket, its weight does not exceed 300 grams. In other words, you won’t have to worry about weight or size.

The image quality offered by this type of device will depend on the price of the equipment. You can find in the market cheaper mini projectors with limited resolution, while you will have the option of getting devices capable of reproducing in 1080p Full HD. We must note that projectors with better resolution, tend to exceed 500 grams in weight.

The connectivity offered by these mini projectors are based on HDMI, AV and VGA. Most have SD card ports and USB ports for charging. The best and most advanced already have WiFi connection so you avoid the annoying cables.

Ranking of mini projectors for 2019

DBPOWER 2200 Lumen Mini Projector

This device does not exceed 60 € and offers you a 1080p HD video LED projector with 176″ screen. The autonomy of its lamp is 50,000 hours. It is ideal for use in dark environments thanks to the brightness offered. Guarantee of 3 years. Compatibility with Stick, TV Box, Chromecast, PC, laptops, tablets, DVD players, Blue-Ray, SD cards, USB flash drives, multimedia players, smartphones.

DLP ExquizOn S6 Mini Projector

It is being one of the preferred by users. A mini cube with HDMI input and micro SD card, rechargeable battery, this device is capable of playing 1080p Full HD videos and the best thing is that it comes equipped with stable WiFi connection. Its price is around 200 €. The bulb has a guaranteed life of 30,000 hours. It weighs 173 grams and its dimensions are 5.5 centimeters in height, width and length.

DLP Excelvan S1 Mini Projector

The dimensions are similar to the iPhone 8. The battery allows you to use it for just over 2 hours. It can be used as an external battery for recharging mobile devices. Resolution of 1080p. It adjusts the image from 15″ to 130″. Connectivity in USB, micro SD and compatible with iOS and Android. 1 year warranty. Colour black/silver. Price around 170 €.

DLP ExquisOn S1 Mini Projector

More economical than the S6, this multimedia device gives you the ability to play videos in 1080p Full HD. Battery with autonomy of 3 hours. Weighs 271 grams. Its dimensions and characteristics make it one of the users’ favourite mini projectors. It comes equipped with HDMI inputs, USB, TF, 3.5 mm audio output, a stable WiFi connection and is compatible with most multimedia devices.

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