The newest from HTC will have a 10-core processor and 4GB of RAM

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Although HTC sales have dropped a lot in recent times, he has decided to face the situation by gambling everything to one card: the new HTC One A9. He already did it before with the highly cheered HTC One M8, although the sales volume was much smaller than expected, or with the later HTC One M9 that was strongly criticized for its rapid heating.

On this occasion, the Taiwanese company wants to go strong, creating this new model with the unprecedented MediaTek Helio X20 and features that no phone today can beat or match. In fact, the phone passed the GeekBench performance test clearly showing that the MediaTek Helio X20 makes it a more than worthy and direct adversary to the high-end market.

Although the bet is risky, HTC continues to try to innovate in a world in which other companies such as Apple, Google or Microsoft seem to have a competitive advantage. In fact, HTC’s have already released action cameras like the HTC RE and virtual reality glasses, the HTC Vive, which are products of a quality similar to that of the most direct competitors such as GoPro or Google Glass.

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