Twinkly: the LED revolution in Christmas lights


Twinkly It is a very new product. We are talking about lights for Christmas trees that are controlled through a smartphone, let’s go through your mobile, and that have impressive light effects… They will surprise you. They have already left us with our mouths open…

The truth is that these lights are the evolution of the classic Christmas lights and are a true innovation when it comes to lighting and lighting the Christmas tree. It is noted that technology comes into our lives and that it increasingly takes over the simplest and most everyday things.


What Twinkly offers is an elegant design and, furthermore, a design that will allow you to customize the lighting effects of your tree… It is a product designed for intuitive use. It works quite simply: you only have to connect via Wi-Fi and you can innovate and start testing and playing with the lights. Come on, through your smartphone and an APP you can control the movement of lights on your tree, the colors, etc.

How do Twinkly LED Christmas lights work?

For these lights to work you must follow these steps:

1. PLACE THE LIGHTS: To fully enjoy the animations, it is recommended to place Twinkly on the most visible side of the tree.

2. GET THE APP: you will have to follow the synchronization process in the application and after that you will be able to control your new Christmas lights from the mobile.

3. EXPLORE AND CREATE– Browse the effects in the gallery, download new ones, or create your own. You are going to be a creative…

4. “SPREAD YOUR LOVE”: Show your friends the new designs you have made for the tree and share your Christmas!

In addition, it is a product that:

– It has been designed to adapt to your tree like the classic lights of a lifetime but, in this case, it is equipped with the newest RGB LEDs with diffused addressable lenses.

– It has a dual Wi-Fi connection mode: you can connect directly from your mobile device or, if you wish, you can connect Twinkly to your home Wi-Fi network.

– You will be able to control the lights of the application.

– Physical functions of the button: you will have to press to change the pattern, keep pressing the same until it resets.


And having said this, we would like to conclude by commenting that: we are talking about a product that today continues to innovate and seek the best way for these lights to be a very good option.

All kinds of details have been taken care of (LEDs, hw, sw, app…) and now they are ready to increase production.

That is why they ask for a small contribution so that we all have a more magical and technological Christmas and help with the different manufacturing costs. The more help, the more Twinkly will be produced…


You can now buy your Christmas lights Twinkly!

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