Visual Trends 2020

Almost 2020 arrived and the compilations on design trends begin, necessary to better understand how to send messages to a new generation of consumers, how to entertain and capture attention in a world saturated with data .

One of the most outstanding so far has been the one published by Depositphotos in a list that we summarize here.

Summary the report as follows:

The visual trends report of Depositphotos deals with ideas, topics and aesthetics from the perspective of the future of visual communication. This year we have talked with creative agencies around the world and they have helped us to compile the main visual trends of 2020. What we have learned so far is that it is not necessary to look for new trends, they will inevitably find you.

1. THE WORLD OF TOMORROW: Extended Reality (RE) will be the protagonist. We will see Horizon’s Facebook content and updates with Oculus Quest to further integrate Virtual Reality into our lives: at home, in shopping, with the arts and with the entertainment industry.

Other popular topics will include automation, robotics, a connected world, 5G, AI, cyber sports, Internet of things, artificial neural networks and cloud health. Companies have to find significant ways to take advantage of the latest technologies, and microstock contributors should be the first to provide their visuals with their imaginative perspectives on cutting-edge technology, and its uses and applications.

2. THE DISTOPY OF NEON: The launch of Cyberpunk 2077 will be important in this sector, putting on the table the controversy of AI that wants to dominate humanity. Cyberpunk aesthetics, neon lights .. everything will influence visual communication.

3. LIMIT IA TION: We will see how Artificial Intelligence changes many sectors, including communication and the arts.

4. BELOW WITH THE BAUHAUS: Bauhaus aesthetics is the new definition of “less is more”. We will see this trend in crafts, painting, textiles, architecture, typography and, of course, in web design and graphic design in general.

5. BRUTALISM AND DIGITAL DECADENCE: A growing trend that makes designers and spectators out of the comfort zone of polished work. It leaves the beautiful, the perfect, to create without rules.

6. STEP TO THE TONES OFF: We will see palettes of soothing, soft and communicative colors. WGSN bets on Neo-Mint for color of the year. Color trends that balance nature and technology will be sought.

7. USE OF OPTICAL PERCEPTION: It will seek to challenge viewers with distorted types and designs so they can pause, appreciate and understand the message.

8. ORGANIC DYNAMIC GRAPHICS: Transition to 3D design, fluid forms and animated deconstructed forms. Much inspiration in Nature.

9. VERTICAL CHANGE: Vertical video will be the protagonist in brands, adapting to the mobile world.

10. FIRST HONEST PLANS: We will see many product close-ups, less postproduction, less retouching to make more natural designs.

In the report of depositphotos you can see examples of each of these sections, with detailed explanations of each.

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