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Xiaomi LiNing

Xiaomi Li-Ning, Xiaomi’s smart shoes

We are used to the Chinese brand Xiaomi surprising us with its gadgets, but it is not usual for it to appear associated with a wearable such as a running shoe, that is what it is Xiaomi LiNing. Does it ring a bell? Li-Ning is a brand founded in 1990 by the famous Chinese athlete...

Enterprise VR project

Star Trek comes to virtual reality

The legendary 1960s television series, Star Trek, ended up making it to the big screen, producing a number of films that have been adored by generations around the world. Well now The quintessential sci-fi franchise comes to the world of virtual reality. Yes, very soon we will be able to be in the command room...


Meta smartwatch (Facebook) revealed

The big news this week has been that Facebook changed its corporate name to Meta, and now we can take a look at the Meta smartwatch. In January they reported that Facebook was working on a watch for 2022, and in June they announced that it would have a camera. And both seem to be...

unicef ​​wearables

Wearables for the third world with UNICEF

UNICEF wants wearables to not just be first world. Its leaders believe that some ideas of this technology can save lives in the third world or improve them ostensibly, especially for children. With that intention, they have launched an initiative Wearables for Good competition aimed at designers and developers to create innovative ideas for technology...