Xiaomi Li-Ning, Xiaomi’s smart shoes

Xiaomi LiNing

We are used to the Chinese brand Xiaomi surprising us with its gadgets, but it is not usual for it to appear associated with a wearable such as a running shoe, that is what it is Xiaomi LiNing.

Does it ring a bell? Li-Ning is a brand founded in 1990 by the famous Chinese athlete Li-Ning. The company gradually grew in the Asian market until it became one of the largest suppliers of footwear and sports equipment, on a par with Nike and Adidas. Since its foundation, it has not stopped growing and is one of the most famous brands in China, although its international expansion has not achieved much.

Xiaomi Li-Ning Smart Shoes

Xiaomi’s success with its devices has led it to explore other fields, such as the sports wearables that the MiBand quantifying bracelet represents. Given its good results, Xiaomi has teamed up with Li-Ning to jointly develop its first smart shoes, essential for anyone who wants to control their sports activity from their smartphone.

Xiaomi Li-Ning contain a chip in the sole with movement and pressure sensors that connects to our smartphone with an application via bluetooth to monitor our physical activity. Thanks to this, we will be able to know the time, speed, calories, rhythm… of all our sports activity. In addition, the sensor is protected against water, sweat, pressure changes and supports up to 150 kg.

The first models of Xiaomi Li-Ning smart shoes were released in mid-2015, but there are already more than 10 models in this line. Among all the models, the most sold and popular are LiNing Cloud III Y Li-Ning Leijun. The first one is designed for casual runners, it has breathable mesh without seams, a cushioned sole and they are also available in various colors.

The Li-Ning Leijun model is more geared towards regular runners. It stands out for its dualLoc technology, which limits energy loss and improves stability. Its shape is designed for runners with a neutral or pronated tread. It is made with breathable materials, interior padding and reflective finishes for running at night.

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